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Behind the Brand.


+ Brand Building

In order to stand out today you need more than skill.

You need a story…YOUR story.

Use your given platform to make your name more than a number.

+ Influencer

Fans equals followers…followers equals brand attention… brand attention equals DOLLARS! Social media has become on of the leading marketing platforms. Platforms, such as Instagram, are giving business brands a more effective way to reach their target market. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a media ads “hoping” their viewers are watching. Businesses now prefer to put money directly into your bank account to post their products to your following. Influencers and brands go hand in hand. Our influencer marketing teams connects your brand with businesses who are ready to work directly with you.


Toady, research shows the average professional athletic career span is less than 8 years. This means you have less than 10 years to build, protect, and grow your retirement plan. We will help you maximize your current platform of today and take you into tomorrow.

+ Reputation Protection

You go from hoop dreaming to balling reality. What once felt like a marathon now seems like a sprint with the entire world watching your every move. You waited your entire life to be where you are, living in your moment right now. Sometimes living in the moment can have it’s downfalls, very quickly. 60 characters in one tweet, one photo, or 5 seconds of unprepared responses at a press conference for media sharks to take you down. it’s our job to not only help develop the personal brand of you but to also protect it by any means necessary.

+ Exposure

We’ve all heard the term “It’s not what you know it’s WHO you know”. As your publicist it’s our job to connect your brand to the outside world. We do the networking for you while pitching your brand story to the most relevant magazines, blogs, media channels, etc. You’re the diamond. We don’t shine until we make YOU shine brighter.