Nine + North Co.


From the Experts of LIFE…


+ Love/Dating/Relationships

Our licensed relationship experts have shared some of their best advice with media outlets such as Psychology Today, O Magazine, Bustle, etc.

+ Sex-ology

Everything they forgot to mention in your 7th grade health class. Our clients spread light on the “taboo” topics of sex. Educating you through major media outlets such as Cosmopolitan magazine, AskMen, Glamour, Refinery29, and Podcast.

+ Fashion

As the fashion trends constantly change our clients keep you up to date with the “what is what” as they spread their style knowledge on in Instyle magazine, The Zoe Report, and Elite daily.

+ Health/Wellness/Fitness

Men’s Health magazine, Dr. OZ, and Muscle & Fitness are just a few of the publications you can find our clients spreading their educational knowledge and advice to help you get fit, stay healthy, and recognize your body’s health signs.

+ Beauty

From hair to makeup, our experts have given you the best quick tips to better styling and contour from million plus YouTube views, Allure, Marie Claire, and more!