Nine + North Co.

Need to Know

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social media management

We all know that keeping up with social media on a daily basis can be a huge undertaking so why not let us take that task off your hands? We can manage anything from Instagram and Facebook pages to Google Ads and so much more.

logo design

Whether your current logo needs a little update or you’re needing a logo created, we’ve got you covered.

client website design

Maximizing our client’s outreach is our top priority and that includes ensuring they have a website that features all of their work, press photos and contact information.

sponsorship opportunities

Looking for that perfect sponsorship opportunity? We can create branding partnerships for our clients with some of the best active wear and sports based companies for all over the world.


branding partnerships

Does your company have a product you’re looking to promote? Many of our clients are always looking to create partnerships with amazing brands. Not only could working with us increase your company’s visibility, but could also lead to a genuine and life long partnership with the world’s next Olympic gold medalist.

product placement

Many of our clients throw private events all year round where you never know who may be in attendance. We’re always looking to feature new products at one of our many events.

special event planning

The needs of our clients always come first and sometimes, that includes event planning. We handle everything from invitations, press releases, guest lists and swag bags for your next event.

public relations

We know there is many ways to build a brand around yourself with media and digital marketing taking over the global. Not only are we here to BUILD your personal brand, our team is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to protect the name you’ve worked so hard to create.